paintings are typically done in acrylic on canvas but also include glassware and indoor murals as well as fantasy face paint! 

Most of the work is  a color study. Most of the work is done with a "pooling method" that investigates a water-color-inspired loss of control by the artist. Then I often paint an image by hand over it.  

I often call them "meditation paintings" as owners of the work have let me know that they enjoy staring at them for long periods of time and see new images each time.

They are great for accent walls and can be moved around and hung at different angles.


I love doing custom paintings so let me know what you want and we can make it happen! 

All glassware is sealed and baked and therefore washable.
Not suitable for dishwashers. 

© 2013 by Kristin Skye Hoffmann. All rights reserved

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Rain 6x9

Sug. $50 This little guy was an experiment. I chose a variety of colors, and left the canvas with paint on it on my fire escape during a light rain storm. Very natural results.