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About Kristin

Kristin Skye Hoffmann holds an MFA in Directing from New School and a BA from The University of Northern Colorado in performing arts and a minor in Media Studies. Her clients and students have been invited into graduate programs and masterclasses as well as plays and films.


Kristin Co-founded and served as artistic director of Wide Eyed Productions, a not-for-profit off-Broadway theatre company based in New York City.

Kristin has a passion for politics and has worked on several campaigns including Colorado Governor Jared Polis' 2018 gubernatorial campaign. She has experience putting together legislation and uses her significant producing and fundraising experience to inform her work.  


Industries served; education, medical, hedge funds, beauty, childcare, food service/bartending, entertainment and many more. Her true passion comes from helping people reach their full potential to achieve their individual goals.


She splits her time between the Pacific Northwest, Colorado and New York. 

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