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For Actors

Expectations for actors are everchanging and competition for roles is fierce. Working actors are continually training, keeping the rust off and maintaining that competitive edge from day-to-day. In-depth training in breaking down material, learning to execute a scene or monologue while also making the most of your strengths is my primary focus. 

KRISTIN SKYE HOFFMANN'S scene study, monologue workshops and private coaching sessions in Seattle, New York City and Colorado. Most often she coaches via Zoom.

"If you have a desire to cultivate authenticity and specificity in your work, Kristin is the coach for you."



Actors serve the story. As artistic collaborators, we exercise the acting muscle through text analysis. This work informs the imagination to fill the blanks and expose the truth of the story. Methodologies from a variety of masters allow us to uncover what works. Borrowing works from great playwrights to develop scene study skills, 6 actors will break into pairs and work on assigned scenes. Together we will find what works for you. 


Classes are designed with a set goal for each artist.  A contemporary and classical monologue will be analyzed and rehearsed. Attention is also paid to individual acting concerns, character work along with one-on-one assistance in the selection of material.



Kristin offers sessions specifically designed for last-minute audition prep, interpreting new work as well as coaching for graduate school auditions and URTAs.  Many of her clients have gone on to acceptance at top Universities with scholarships awarded as well as getting callbacks and booking jobs.  Sessions are designed with a set goal for each individual artist.  Leave feeling confident not only with the text and character work, but free of anxiety and nerves when you are presenting a monologue or sides.

"Her coaching has not only helped me book jobsbut elevated my artistry overall."

Kristin Skye Hoffmann's actor-training process stems from her experience as the Founding Artistic Director of Wide Eyed Productions and her studies at The New School for Drama.  Kristin’s work throughout New York's independent theatre community as a director and producer have given her perspective into the broad spectrum of acting styles and experience levels.  Studying with theatre artists such as Anne Kaufman, Tea Alagic, Daniel Aukin, Doug Hughes, Joe Montello, Lou Jacob, Jon Robin Baitz, Elinor Renfield, Judith Malina, Stephen Brown-Fried and Pam MacKinnon allow her an insight that has proven valuable to many actors.


She has held acting classes and private coaching sessions for actors ranging from ages 12 to 65 for over ten years in New York.  She has directed and produced at Ensemble Studio Theatre, Dixon Place, The Barrow Group Theatre and many more.  


She was named winner of the 2012 and 2016 FringeNY Award for Outstanding Direction, has conducted group feedback sessions at OneOnOne and taught at The New School University’s Summer Intensive Acting program.


"Her guidance is rooted in the specificity of the text, and the individual choices made by the actor in the moment."

Student Testimonials

“Last year, I auditioned for the URTA’s and was a bit disappointed with the outcome. This year, I had Kristin prepare me for the auditions. Thirteen schools called me back at the URTA’s and I ended up with five offers! (Penn State, University of Illinois, Illinois State, Southern Methodist University, and Florida State University) I owe the strength of my auditions to Kristin Skye Hoffmann without a doubt. She took monologues that I felt were pretty good and made them fantastic.”

                                                                  - Vanessa DeSilvio

"Under Kristin's direction I've worked on some very emotional and physically vulnerable pieces. Her guidance is rooted in the specificity of the text, and the individual choices made by the actor in the moment. Because of this, she elicits work from me that honors not only truth within the play, but myself as an artist."
                                                                            -Nic Marrone

"Not only is Kristin Skye Hoffmann one of my favorite directors to work with, she is my go-to person for private coaching. She pushes me to play my edge as a performer, and the monologues we have worked upon consistently win praise in the audition room. In fact, one of the pieces we rehearsed together got me into a master class with Kathleen Turner."
                                                                   -Amy Lee Pearsall              

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