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Dream Ticket  
by Ryan Bernsten- 2016
Winner Overal Excellence in Direction

"Kristin Skye Hoffman smoothly staged the production, allowing the momentum to rarely falter. With all the moving parts on wheels, Hoffman's transitions were fast."
-Michael Block, Theatre in the Now

"What I expected to be a night of satirizing the Republican party pleasantly turned into an exciting, thought-provoking glimpse into the changes all Americans can—and should—make in politics."
-Lexi Orphanos, Theatre is Easy

Dead Special Crabs
by Dan Kitrosser- 2014

"This is funny stuff, indeed...Andrew Harriss turns in an excellent performance...Director Kristin Skye Hoffmann keeps everything moving at breakneck speed." -Howard Miller, Talkin Broadway

"If you were ever wondering why Wide Eyed Productions is an enduring, innovative theater company, this show will give you 2 1/2 hours of sustained entertainment...Blink at any time throughout and you will miss something funny...Bravo for the actors and the team that made this feat possible."
-Ed Malin, nytheatrenow

Featuring Samantha Cooper, Greg Carere & Kristin Skye Hoffmann

Leah in Vegas
by Kara Ayn Napolitano- 2014

"Leah in Vegas is one of the most satisfying new American plays I've seen all year...Kristin Skye Hoffmann's direction is exemplary, with nary a wasted moment...I loved Leah in Vegas." Martin Denton, Indietheatrenow

"Kristin Skye Hoffmann does a great job establishing a clear world and guiding her ensemble through it." Michael Block, Theatre in the Now

by Sam Byron- 2012
Winner Overall Excellence in Direction 2012

"Under the precise direction of Kristin Skye Hoffmann, Animals, with its clear dialogue and crisp pace, scores high on the FringeNYC scale."

Jo Ann Rosen, 

The Return of Toodles von Flooz by Lisa Ferber- 2011

"Kristin Skye Hoffmann and her superb cast nail beat after comic-genius beat in The Return of Toodles von Flooz." Nathan Havey, The Huffington Post

"The Gem of the evening is The Return of Toodles von Flooz, a film noir spoof with razor sharp wit and great chemistry between all the characters." Amanda Halkiotis, News Gallery

"The Return of Toodles von Flooz was probably the most fun we've had in a theatre in a long time (and it's safe to say the crowd agreed." Anjali Koppel & Surabah Paranjapa, The Happiest Medium

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Dale Wasserman- 2009

“I don’t know if you’ve been to the Richmond Shepard Theatre; it’s very nice, but the stage is fairly compact. Yet director Kristin Skye Hoffmann…has turned it most convincingly into the archetypal mental institution that is the setting for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; and she’s staged all manner of astonishing activity- including brawls, protests, and a raucous second act party- apparently undaunted by the physical limitations of the space. Hoffmann, it would seem, is a bit of a miracle worker- which may explain her attraction to this epic if unwieldy play. With her company Wide Eyed Productions she has given us a masterful revival of this landmark drama.” Martin Denton, 

A Midsummer Night's Dream
by William Shakespeare- 2008

“Imagine my surprise when I stepped into the theatre and was swallowed wholly by the world of the play and was shaken by violent fits of laughter...the combination of one of Shakespeare’s funniest works, a fresh cast and Kristin Skye Hoffmann’s direction makes this A midsummer night well worth a trip to Queens.”- Gila Babich, Show Business Weekly 

Much Ado About Nothing
by William Shakespeare- 2008

“What can be lost in a Broadway or name-brand production is perhaps the kind of mad joy and creative hysteria that is so evident in Kristin Skye Hoffmann’s Much Ado About Nothing…does this performance deliver something new as well as capturing the magical core of the play? The answer is: infinitely and more.” Antonia Mandry, The Shakespeare Revue


“Updated versions of Shakespeare can get tricky…little did I know I was in the masterful  hands of director Kristin Skye Hoffmann. Hoffmann hits every necessary mark with this new, exciting and joyful production of one of Shakespeare’s great comedies…Hoffmann made her first perfect directing choice by casting her show exquisitely. She makes her second great choice by utilizing her cast members to their fullest.” Melissa Cruz, Sugarzine

The Accommodation
by Paul Cohen- 2008 

“Cohen’s sense of the absurd is perfectly balanced by director Kristin Skye Hoffmann’s assured sense of timing. The piece is also blessed with a quartet of excellent performances, anchored by Hoffmann herself as the eminently pragmatic Sarah.” Martin Denton, 

by Euripides- 2007
translation by Gilbert Murray

“Wide Eyed Productions is inaugurating their new company with a mesmerizing and brazen take on Euripides’ The Medea. Don’t expect to sit back and simply admire this classical monument; Wide eyed is determined to wrap you inside a living drama. Director Kristin Skye Hoffmann writes in the program note that the production is brought into the world of anti-time and that the desire and deeds of Medea are the same at our core. She proves this throughout, but not by the expedient route one would expect- i.e., contemporizing the language, replacing the tunic with suits, etc. No, her direction is too bold, too fresh, to make those obvious choices…What she does contemporize is the pacing, tonality and most importantly the internal lives of the characters and their interpersonal connections.” Jack Hanley, 

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