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For business and Politics

Whether you are running for local office for the first time or looking to improve your presentation skills for your profession, I can help. 

My goal is to help you: 

  • Identify areas where you want to feel more confident. 

  • Boost your comfort in front of an audience and unlock your natural stage presence. 

  • Clarify the points you are trying to make with interpersonal interactions with your audience. 

  • Find a place of comfort in your message that is based in truth and authenticity. 

  • Make sure you are controlling the narrative of your message. 

  • Give you the tools to keep your voice fresh in spite of seemingly endless repetition. 

What You Can Expect

Regardless of your experience with public speaking, under my direction and coaching, I will ensure you are authentic and relatable to any audience no matter what the message you are delivering happens to be.


I can recognize when your speech, presentation, or story becomes inauthentic. Once moments like that are recognized, explored and boiled down to what you are trying to say, authenticity is unearthed and you’re on your way to expressing yourself clearly to those you are hoping to reach. 


Anytime someone is giving a speech or presentation they are acting. Each person needs an individualized method to reach their goals when they are public speaking to an audience or on stage as an actor. It is impossible to please everyone and I believe the only defense of that is to be truly yourself whenever you stand up in front of your audience and make yourself vulnerable. And the most important thing is that we find the fun. ​

How this works

We meet via Zoom for a 30-minute free consultation where you share the goals you hope to achieve, the message or messages you are sending, and the audience you’re trying to reach. We decide if you and I are a good fit. We establish your priorities and I provide a recommended timeline for your individual process for us to work together to reach your goals.


Even the most seasoned politicians can find themselves feeling awkward or uncomfortable with certain areas of their campaign and they usually have years of practice, so if you are running for the first time, why wouldn't you need an outside eye?

If you are running for local government, I can help you...

  • Shape your narrative in speeches

  • Keep your stump speech fresh

  • Ask for money to fund your campaign

  • Work through uncomfortable topics

  • Connect authentically with voters

  • Examine your personal style 


No matter what business you're in, connecting with your colleagues and clients can be challenging. 

If you find yourself feeling anxious and uncomfortable at work, I can help you...
  • Give a presentation to a large group

  • Have one-on-one conversations with coworkers

  • Contribute meaningfully in group projects 

  • Connect during Zoom meetings

  • Examine your interactions with management & colleagues

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